World Leader in Aquaculture

CPF (India) Private Limited is one of the major players in Aquaculture sector in India. We have both Shrimp and Fish Feed mill, Shrimp hatchery, Shrimp and Fish farm and Shrimp Processing plant located in various places across India. As a total vertically integrated operator, we have full control of all production process throughout the value chain. Thus, complete confidence in the final products and traceability for all products originating from CPF is assured.

Total Vertically Integrated Shrimp Operations

The CPF Turbo Program

CPF not only produce high quality feed and SPF Seed for our customers, we also provide sophisticated and highly adaptable shrimp culture technology, the CPF Turbo Program. The CPF Turbo Program involve the efficient and effective Farm Management, Water Quality Management and Feeding Management combined with CPF shrimp culture experience, research and continuous development in shrimp aquaculture technology. The CPF Turbo Program aims to minimize loss and maximize profitability for a more sustainable Indian shrimp farming industry.

3C Concept

To ensure the sustainability of Indian Shrimp Industry, our highly determined team with committed Aquaculture specialist constantly provide the shrimp farmers with access to the latest and updated technology. With our dedication to Indian Shrimp Industry, we have once again came up with the latest shrimp farming management concept – the 3C Concept (Clean Pond Bottom, Clean Water Supply and Clean Seed.

This shrimp farming management approach will consistently protect shrimp farmers from damaging disease which cause heavy losses in shrimp production in India. This 3C Concept were aimed towards profitable and sustainable shrimp farming.


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